CEW mentoring event: K-Beauty inspirations for global product development


Happy New Year everyone!

To kick off the CEW UK events for 2019, Lorna Radford held a mentoring event about K-Beauty Inspirations for Global Product Development  at the Good Housekeeping Institute on 23rd January. The event was fully booked and there were plenty of interesting questions and discussions after the main presentation.

CEW Enkos K-Beauty DSC05038.JPG
CEW Enkos K-Beauty DSC05010.JPG


Message from Lorna:

Being half-Korean and half-English, I get very excited about the buzz surrounding Korean skincare. I wanted to share my experience of how Korean culture affects product development, some of the inspirations and difficulties of translating Korean innovation to the European market, and I also wanted to briefly look at what current Korean trends we might expect to migrate across to Europe in the near future.


Please get in touch if you're interested in developing bespoke formulations inspired by Korean innovation. 

Lorna Radford